Placas solares Javier,sa

We care about our planet!

Javier, S.A. It is always committed to the environment and we have gone one step further, we have built our own photovoltaic solar installation.

With this investment, the company will generate 57,590 kWh of solar energy annually, its equivalent being 23.06 tons in CO2. In this way we reduce our carbon footprint by avoiding the emission of 27.34 tons CO2 into the atmosphere, it is our contribution to minimize the effects of the global climate crisis.

The works of this new initiative began in December 2022 and since January 2023 it is already operating.

“In Javier, S.A we are determined to bet on sustainability and contribute our small grain of sand to help reduce our impact on the environment.”

We know that it is not much but it is always better to contribute in favor of our planet.


Javier is always committed to you.


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