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Unique collections

Our creative department works hard to offer you exclusive designs available only on our website and in our shops.

They pay close attention to detail, producing a variety of digital and hand-made designs.

We offer a wide range of items, including home decorations, stationery, food and tableware. Our products are ideal for decorating all kinds of homes, whether you’ve opted for a classical or a more modern style.

We take great care over our packaging and we’re proud to make it part of our company’s identity, polishing every last detail.

Our products are from the brand Giordano di Ponzano, which is renowned for making the perfect gifts.

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When we start work on a new collection, we hold a series of meetings with the different departments in the company. They provide information on customer demand, market trends and analyses of Google statistics, among other areas. Using this information, we select our target audience.

Once we’ve decided on the characteristics of the product, we brainstorm ideas with our creative department (staffed by two designers and a photographer), sharing and combining our visions of the new collection.

Based on information and visual material relating to the theme we want to convey, we sketch out our ideas to visualise and refine them. Depending on the type of finish required for the collection, we then work on the final drawings digitally or by hand.


We research different trends and themes.



The designs for the final decoration are created.



The decoration is applied, depending on the item’s characteristics.

Read on to find out more about the processes involved in making our products and the origin of each collection.


  1. Pencil drawing: This is the most traditional part of the process, as it involves entirely hand-drawn sketches. These drawings are later used as a basis for a full, varied range of products. (1)
  2. Digitalisation and design: Once the sketches have been completed and approved, they are scanned and uploaded onto a computer, where we add colour and create different compositions by combining sketches. (2 & 3)
  3. Final product: We apply our designs to the various products in the collection. (4)


  1. Vectorisation: Once the sketches are complete, they are vectorised to produce the final designs for the collection. (A)
  2. Application of colour and design: When the drawings have been approved, we decide on the colour palette and the final composition. Several variations on the theme are produced. (B & C)
  3. Final product: Finally, we apply our decorations to the various products in the collection. (D)


When our photographer receives the samples for the collection, he takes photos from different angles to capture every detail and showcase our work.

These photos are displayed in our catalogue, which you can consult if you register as a customer. To do so, please get in touch.



Named after the French word for spring, this collection focuses on the springtime.

It’s romantic and whimsical, evoking spring blossom and a sense of reawakening.

It features bright, cheerful colours, combining a mix of pinks and whites to brighten up any setting. It’s a joyful new beginning!



The Geometric Tile collection is based on Andalusian tiles, one of Spain’s cultural assets.

Featuring a repeated geometric design in vivid colours, including emerald green (wellbeing) and orange (joy) hues with touches of dark purple, this is a very elegant collection.

It’s unisex and suitable for all ages, so it’s perfect for decorating almost any setting.



Mosaics are one of the most ancient decorative elements used in modernist architecture.

Our collection is based on mosaics by Gaudí, with an appealing composition and colour palette used to create an eye-catching design.

One of the main motifs in the collection is the butterfly, which represents transformation and evolution.

This collection is more intense and is designed for a more adventurous audience.


Following the rich tradition of honoring of the Day of the Dead, after a deep study exploring its traditional costumes, coloring, and emblematic motifs, we have designed a collection that captures the vibrant essence and timeless beauty of the Catrina.  The result is an explosion of color and style that reflects the joy and festive spirit of the Day of the Dead. Our collection features a wide range of bold colors, adorned with flowers, skulls, and elements of nature that remember this celebration at its finest.



This design is based on nature, hence its name: “Natura”.

It is reminiscent of Italian decorative painting in its motifs and colouring (green, yellow and blue tones).

It is a simple and elegant collection with motifs that match the main ornamentation.

Ideal for a classic and tradition-loving atmosphere with modern touches.



This is a very ornamental collection featuring a variation on the paisley pattern with its teardrop shapes. The floral motifs evoke the jungle and Mother Nature (Pachamama).

The design combines tradition and the natural world with a few modern touches, such as the emerald green (hope and youth) and pastel pink (innocence and affection) colours.

It’s the perfect decoration for a classical setting in need of a makeover.



In this collection we intend to make something as iconic and decorative as the fan, the main element of the design.

Simple and expressive lines combined with flat colours and representative elements of each of our collections.

A fresh and daring collection for both him and her.



This collection is based on Arabesque decoration, which is made up of geometric figures mimicking flowers and leaves and is a typical part of Spain’s culture.

Only one colour – blue – is used throughout the collection, with different shades highlighting particular details.

A variety of designs are available against either a white or dark blue background. This elegant collection evokes Spain’s Arabic roots.

Modern Art

Arte Moderno

Drawing on the idea of modern art as a counterpoint to academic art, this collection is inspired by the artistic movement that ran from the late 19th century to the early 20th century.

By reinterpreting the idea of the portrait, we’ve created faces using dark, uniform lines, which combine with bright, flat colours to create a powerful, light-hearted design.

This fun, cheerful unisex collection is aimed at a young, adventurous audience and can be easily adapted to any material (textile, ceramic, paper, etc.).



Based on classical wind, string and percussion instruments, this collection showcases the art of drawing itself and preserves the expression of the lines.

The illustrations stand out clearly against a white background, creating a cleaner, more minimalist look – after all, less is more.
This collection is ideal for music and art lovers.

If you’d like to see all the items in a particular collection, please get in touch to request access to our digital catalogue.
To do so, you’ll need to be registered as a company or store.

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