Tourist souvenirs

Tourist souvenirs

If you’re looking for the perfect souvenirs, we offer a wide range of items for Spain’s diverse cities and regions that depicts the best our country has to offer.

These original designs are produced by our creative department and are sure to delight tourists.

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Asturias Santiago


Salamanca Valladolid

Barcelona Madrid

Barcelona Madrid

Toledo Valencia

Toledo Valencia

Málaga Sevilla

Málaga Sevilla



As always, we pay careful attention to our packaging and view it as a key part of our products.

Before our creative department gets to work on a new tourism collection, we meet the sales agent in charge of the area in question and discuss ideas, objectives and the target audience. We do everything we can to make our souvenirs as appealing as possible to tourists. 

Once we’ve decided on the specifications, we compile an extensive file of visual information about the city or theme we’re aiming to represent (most visited destinations, monuments, etc.) and we use these images as a source for our own sketches. These sketches are then digitalised and adapted to suit the different formats that will end up in the shops.

The final product is an attractive, affordable collection. A pleasant memory for all budgets, which every tourist will want to take home with them.



We study the city, region or theme in question



We work on the drawings and design for the final product



We adapt the design to the items in the collection

Here’s a sample of some of our collections:


Proceso creativo Asturias

Working on the design for the Roman bridge in Cangas de Onis


Proceso creativo Salamanca

Working on the design for the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin


Proceso creativo Málaga

Working on the design for the Cathedral of Malaga

Camino de Santiago

Camino de Santiago

Working on the design for the Camino
de Santiago

Combining the most iconic symbols that are found along the Camino de Santiago, we seek to give them a more renovated air: casual lines, flat and bright colours…

A different and fun collection that will delight anyone who’s done the Camino and wants to take a good memory.

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Tourist themes

Read on for more information about our collections:


Proceso creativo Quijote

Inspired by the adventures and misadventures of the famous gentleman of La Mancha, we focused on the two main characters in our collection: Don Quixote and Sancho Panza. They’re accompanied by the windmills typically found on the Manchegan plateau.

This bright, cheerful collection will appeal to Spanish literature lovers and those in search of our country’s most iconic characters.

Las Meninas

Proceso creativo Meninas

This collection is the product of our quest to reinterpret one of the most famous paintings in Spanish history.

Using clean lines and eye-catching colours while attempting to maintain the fresh feel of the pencil drawing, we created a collection of items aimed at art enthusiasts in general and admirers of Diego de Velázquez’s work in particular. The artist is considered to be one of the greatest Spanish painters ever seen.




This collection is based on Gaudí’s sun motifs in his distinctive Trencadís style, which consisted of making mosaics from ceramic fragments.

It’s a very colourful design made up of overlapping yellow and multicoloured suns.

The design is the ideal choice for lovers of Gaudí’s work and 19th and 20th century modernist architecture.



Gaudí sought inspiration for his art in the natural world. We’ve followed his example with our Elements collection, which revolves around living beings, earth, water, air, plants and fire.

Our design brings together all these concepts using the Trencadís mosaic technique.

It’s full of tiny details and bright colours, acting as an inspiring tribute to Gaudí’s work.


To see the items for a specific tourist destination, please request access to our digital catalogue (only for companies and stores).

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