We’ve added a new spirituality-based product line to our catalogue. It contains a variety of options for different beliefs, including figures of deities and collections featuring chakra symbols and mandala motifs.

Our creative department can design different versions of the image you’re looking for. Any personalised image will be subject to minimum production quantities.

Creating an image



We study the figure in question and look for photos to ensure that we depict it accurately



We create a prototype for our sculptor showing all angles based on the customer’s instructions



A sample is made so that the final details can be perfected before production begins


Our range of figures currently features the following deitiesand and products:


The queen of the world’s fresh water, streams,
rivers and springs, she personifies love and fertility.


As the creator of the Earth, he is the guardian of intelligence,
thought, human dreams and all that is white.


He is the master of roads and destinies,
opening and closing the path of life, prosperity,
happiness, luck or misfortune.


A warrior. The Orisha of justice, thunder, lightning,
and fire. He represents the joys of life and male beauty.


The Orisha of blacksmiths, war, technology,
surgeons, the army and the police.


A deity of soothsaying and wisdom. He witnessed God
(Olodumare) design and create the universe.


A fertility goddess in Yoruba mythology,
originally associated with the sea. She protects the home
and family, boats and fishermen.


The patron of doctors and fish, and the master of the river.
The Orisha of fishing and pre-harvest activity.
He is a warrior, hunter and fisherman.


Afro-Brazilian spirit associated with the number 7, crossroads, cemeteries, spirits and witchcraft. It is the spirit that gives new opportunities and makes wishes come true.


It is the physical representation of the transition that occurs between leaving life and becoming part of the world of the dead.

These figures all come in an attractive personalised box.


This collection is based on chakras, which are energy points located inside the human body.

The chakra symbols are displayed against a neutral floral background, accompanied by mandalas and spirals in green and white tones. These motifs encourage relaxation and meditation. 

It’s the ideal collection for anyone looking for a balance between body and mind.

The following chakras are featured in our collection:

Explicación de los chacras
  • Sahasrara: The seventh chakra, the centre of wisdom and spirituality.
  • Ajna: The sixth chakra, the centre of intuition.
  • Vishudha:The fifth chakra, the centre of communication.
  • Anahata:The fourth chakra, the centre of unconditional love.
  • Manipura:The third chakra, the centre of willpower.
  • Svadhisthana:The second chakra, the centre of giving and receiving emotions.
  • Muladhara:The first chakra, the centre of security and stability.


This collection is based on mandalas, which are spiritual symbols encouraging relaxation and meditation. The colours used in the collection convey a sense of love, personal fulfilment and harmony.

Mándalas espiritual

Mandalas Collection


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