Religious items

Religious items

We stock an extensive range of religious items featuring exclusive images and top quality products.

Our collection includes virgins, saints, baby Jesuses, angels and nativity scenes in different sizes and styles. These items are suitable for traditional and more modern settings.

Our products range from 8 cm to 103 cm high and feature different finishes and designs.

Our creative department can design different versions of the image you’re looking for upon request. Any personalised image will be subject to minimum production quantities.

Creating a religious image



We study the figure in question and look for photos to ensure that we depict it accurately



We create a prototype for our sculptor showing all angles based on the customer’s instructions



A sample is made so that the final details can be perfected before production begins




We offer a wide range of virgins or patron saints who provide protection for different parts of Spain.

These carefully sculpted figurines will delight faithful worshippers and we even have children’s figurines for younger believers.


We also stock an extensive variety of saints, including Saint Francis of Assisi and Saint Teresa. They come in different finishes and sizes in a personalised box featuring our company’s logo.

Religious motifs

As well as figurines, we also have plaques and icons featuring religious images, crucifixes, bracelets, necklaces and rosaries…
A range of religious-themed products suitable as communion gifts, wedding presents and much more.


Choose from our classic or modern angel figurines in different sizes the perfect gift for a special occasion.

Nativity scenes

To mark a special time of year, we offer a variety of nativity scenes comprising 3, 6 or more items. Featuring a wide range of finishes and sizes, our collection includes classic and modern styles. If you’re looking for something more original, please contact us to find out more about our themed nativity scenes.
We also offer a range of baby Jesus figurines in different styles and formats.

Here’s a small sample of our other products.

Bolígrafos con ángel
Detalle comunión
Detalle comunión

To see more of our religious items, please request access to our digital catalogue (only for companies and stores).

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