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We work with large companies to develop products based on their brands. We currently stock products from the brands: Osborne, Algo de Jaime and Virgencita Plis.

Our products are original and have received the green light from our partner companies.

We enjoy being able to offer our customers exclusive gifts sponsored by well-known brands that they won’t find elsewhere.


Logotipo Osborne

The Osborne Bull was
launched in Spain in 1956, becoming
a symbol of the country over the years.

We offer a wide variety of products and designs featuring the iconic black bull, which are sure to please tourists and enthusiasts of traditional Spanish customs.

Our collections include black bulls on a red background, Warhol-style bulls, bulls silhouetted against the moon, and more.

Toro y la luna

Algo de Jaime

Jaime is an autistic boy who
sees the world through a different lens.
He uses drawings to express his vision of life.

Logotipo de Algo de Jaime

We stock a wide range of products based on his drawings, which are ideal for anyone interested in art and creativity.

Here’s a sample of his drawings:

Dibujo del gorila
Dibujo de la jirafa
Dibujo del elefante
Dibujo del león

Virgencita Plis DISTROLLER

Logotipo Distroller

The brand was created by
Amparín, who draws graphic illustrations
of Our Lady of Guadalupe and other Madonnas.

In her drawings, the Madonnas are accompanied by bright colours, interesting textures and words of thanks or prayer.

Our product range features the following designs:

Virgen modelo 1
Virgen modelo 2
Virgen modelo 3
Virgen modelo 4


We study the brand’s style guides to make sure we follow their guidelines



We apply the designs,
adapting them to each product to achieve the ideal result



The brands check every design before it goes into production

If you’d like to offer your customers products from these brands, please contact us to request access to our catalogue (only companies and stores).

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Almacenes Javier SA

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