Customer exclusives

Customer exclusives

If you’d like to commission any personalised items, please contact us.

Our creative department offers a range of options, adapting its designs to our customers’ requirements.

We work with museums such as Casa Lis, Thyssen and Casa Batlló, as well as the company Palacios y Museos and gift shops at cultural institutions….

We’re a market leader in personalised gift items.

Creating customer exclusives

Before the creative process begins, several meetings are held with the customer to establish their requirements.

Once it’s clear what the customer is looking for, we compile visual references and start drawing. The drawings are then digitalised and adapted to the various products we want to decorate.

The process is overseen by the customer to ensure that the final product is suitable for the end buyer.

Personalised items have minimum production quantities.



We research the best options to fulfil the customer’s brief



We create several proposals based on the customer’s requirements



We develop the final designs so that they can be applied to the products




Logotipo Casa Lis

This modernist mansion in Salamanca
is home to a collection of furniture
and decorative arts.

Proceso creativo Casa Lis

Our collection drew inspiration from the wide variety of works displayed at Casa Lis – Art Nouveau and Art Déco Museum, which is located in the city of Salamanca.

It features faithful reproductions of the museum’s exclusive collections in souvenir format, offering customers a unique opportunity to take a tiny piece of the museum home with them.

Logotipo Casa Batlló

The building was designed by
Antoni Gaudí, the most prominent representative of Catalan modernism.

Proceso creativo Casa Batlló

Our designs focused on the house itself and placed particular emphasis on the colour, the Trencadís technique and elements such as the roof, which is designed to resemble the scales on a dragon’s back and is intersected by a cross.

Another feature are the balconies shaped like masks, with the exception of the attic balcony which is shaped like a plant bulb and known as ‘the princess’s balcony’. We used these elements to create an appealing collection for lovers of this beautiful house.

Logotipo Catedral Mallorca

This Levantine Gothic cathedral is the main place
of worship on the island of Majorca.

Proceso creativo Catedral de Mallorca

For architecture lovers, this collection based on Majorca’s majestic, iconic cathedral (known in Catalan as La Seu) is truly unmissable.

Showcasing the elements designed by architect Antoni Gaudí and the cathedral’s magnificent stained glass windows, this modern, elegant collection combines white backgrounds with coloured details.

Logotipo Regalos Zoco

This company retails gift
items in Cordoba.

Courtyards of Cordoba

Proceso creativo Patios cordobeses

This collection focuses on the courtyards of Cordoba, declared Intangible Heritage by UNESCO.

This tradition dates back to Roman times and sees Cordoba’s inhabitants celebrate the arrival of spring by opening up their flower-filled courtyards to visitors.

These celebrations form the basis for a cheerful, colourful collection showcasing the wide variety of plants and flowers adorning every corner of the city.

This company retails gift
items in Malaga.

Proceso creativo Málaga Artist

Focusing on one of the city’s most iconic figures, Pablo Picasso,
the collection revolves around emblematic buildings and monuments found in Malaga.

A fun, colourful style makes this youthful collection appealing to lovers of the city and of the artist who founded the Cubism movement.

A gift shop in Santa Cruz de la Palma.

Proceso creativo Enanos palmeros

This collection depicts the main ceremony held at the five-yearly Festival of Our Lady of the Snows, the patron saint of La Palma, which draws large numbers of residents and visitors to the island’s capital.

This colourful, light-hearted collection will appeal to enthusiasts of this Canarian tradition, which dates back to 1905.


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