Almacenes Javier, gift specialists

Article extracted from DAMOS CUERDA – Blog BANKIA

Almacenes Javier has passed from generation to generation always focused on the perfect gift. From souvenirs to religious items, this Valladolid company has been innovating and updating itself for more than 70 years y actualizándose to offer the best products to its customers.

It was born in 1947 as a jewelry and toy business. It has rained a lot since then, and now, this Valladolid company is focused on the production of gifts of all kinds. And not only that, but it is a network of stores and distributor, encompassing wholesale, retail, and logistics activity. In its trajectory, it stands out to have been one of the pioneer companies in the imports of articles from countries such as Germany.

In the early 90s, Almacenes Javier focused its efforts on optimizing the packaging area and focusing on its own designs. Today, it has more than 3,500 items in its catalog and has in mind to add food products.

Javier SA

Spanning three generations, our family business has been a pioneer in importing and distributing gift items for more than 70 years.